Coat of Arms

DK coat of arms

A bit worn and a bit faded……but still alive! In the imortal words of Mr. Softy as he looked in the mirror every morning…”Don’t ever die!”


2 Responses to “Coat of Arms”

  1. Anthony Ingoglia Says:

    I have an old DK lamp that Cliff Dittrick gave me. I also have a freahman red and white beenie. Ialso have my DK paddles. I’ll see if I can unearth them and take pictures

    • ronrevelle Says:

      Ok Anthony. Great. I have paddles and used to have a pink beaker with the coat of arms on it that was a favor. I used to have one of those lamps but I think it got broken…..I do have something else that I think will be interesting for the brothers ot see. It is one of the belts used in our MAA Football Championship game. My wife and I were making a presentation about a year ago and Dave Connors showed up wearing his DK sweatshirt.

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