Calling all DK brothers

Just getting off the ground at this time….but I have secured for our use. Lets find out to what the brothers are up to and try to avoid internet social probation!

This site is for keeping DK brothers from SUNY Oneonta in contact. ALLLRIGGHHT!
Please pass the word to other brothers.
Who knows, we may work toward having a spring date weekend! Or we will convince Howie to organize a Valentine Ball!

More to follow!
Box DK ‘66



5 Responses to “Calling all DK brothers”

  1. Anthony Ingoglia Says:

    Great idea. I’ll pass the word around to Cliff Dittrich

  2. Cliff Dittrich Says:

    This is great. Can we get a list of brothers that have signed on to the site? Add a blank to the reply for class year.

  3. ronrevelle Says:

    Thanks Cliff, I will work on your suggestion this week. I want to make this very easy to use and to check in on regularly.

  4. Tim Koch Says:

    I will notify Paul Allidi and Rick Moran (facebook).

  5. ronrevelle Says:

    Glad to have Tim onboard! Let’s keep spreading the word and get as many brothers to join in…..extra credit for someone who finds Dietmar!
    My e-mail is As brothers sign in and share an e-mail address I will compile them and make them available to brothers.

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