DK Mug Posts…..

August 13, 2010


MAA Football Champions

August 13, 2010


DK’s undefeated MAA Football Season.

Coat of Arms

January 29, 2010

DK coat of arms

A bit worn and a bit faded……but still alive! In the imortal words of Mr. Softy as he looked in the mirror every morning…”Don’t ever die!”

What is the history of this building? And why is it out of business?

November 13, 2009

Ever been to this place?

Delta Phi Kappa Fraternity

November 12, 2009

The DK house online.    You may now log onto our site by connecting to

Calling all DK brothers

November 12, 2009

Just getting off the ground at this time….but I have secured for our use. Lets find out to what the brothers are up to and try to avoid internet social probation!

This site is for keeping DK brothers from SUNY Oneonta in contact. ALLLRIGGHHT!
Please pass the word to other brothers.
Who knows, we may work toward having a spring date weekend! Or we will convince Howie to organize a Valentine Ball!

More to follow!
Box DK ‘66